Beginners Programming for Windows XP, Macintosh OS X & OS 9

Chess HUD Game

This is a real HUD chess computer and allows the wearer to play against the computer or themselves. Although its quite small you can even use it as a standalone table top chess computer and play a friend.

It is great for beginners, fun and easy to learn.

These are now MONO and run up to 8 times faster.

Features include:

- Play against the computer or yourself.
- Watch the computer play itself.
- Play while camping or whatever.
- Multi-level ranging from very easy to advanced.
- List game stats and history in chat.
- Owner has full control using buttons and menus.
- Fully self-contained chess engine without using web server.
- Uses 82 prims.
- Low lag - 0.5mS.
- Free updates.

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