Beginners Programming for Windows XP, Macintosh OS X & OS 9

Chess with Sculptered Pieces

This is a real chess computer and allows you to play against the computer, another person or yourself.

It is great for beginners, fun and easy to learn.

These are now MONO and run up to 8 times faster.

Features include:

- Play against the computer, yourself, a friend.
- Watch the computer play itself.
- Multi-level ranging from very easy to advanced.
- Touch control of piece movement.
- Includes 9 sculptured chess piece sets.
- 22 prims with no pieces
- 54 prims with single prim pieces
- 94 prims average when playing
- Includes move indicators for newbies.
- In Demo mode the computer plays its self indefinitely.
- List game stats and history in chat.
- Owner has full control using buttons and menus.
- Color changing for board and buttons
- High quality textures for board and buttons
- Anti-griefing prevents game interference.
- Fully self-contained chess engine without using web server.
- Uses 95 prims.
- Low lag board = 0.2mS + 0.025mS per piece = 1.8mS total.
- Free updates.a

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