Beginners Programming for Windows XP, Macintosh OS X & OS 9

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I bought a product but did not receive it, can you please at send it to me?

A: Yes of course we can send a new copy to you , tell us when you purchased your product and what it was so can we resolve smoothly.

Q: Hello i wonder if i can buy your scripts?

A: Thank you for your interest but our scripts are not for sale and we keep them in-house only.

Q: I'm not satisfied with my product can I get full refund?

A: I am afraid it is not possible, our items are copy but we can send you a new copy.

Q: Can I get to buy other than permissions than available?

A: No sorry.

Q: Can we collaborate on a project together.

A: Thank you for asking but we are very busy and do not have the spare time.

Q: I have suggestions on the features of your products can you add it?

A: Feature requests are always welcome and we will put them on our to-do list but cannot promise when they will be implemented.

Q: Do you have a group i can join for updates and new products?

A: Thank you so much for asking that we have a group called "V & L Design" it is open for all and free to join.

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