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News about V&L Games

Here is our latest news as of 23rd July 2017.

Temporary Location in SL

We have moved from Passionfruit Island to a new temporary location in Sababurg. Visit our tiny games room and try out our games for free:-

Sababurg(240,102,94) teleport



Here is our latest news as of 15th October 2014.

Winter Strip Chess

We have the first STRIP chess game in SL and we hope you have lots of fun playing it with your friends. If you are alone then you can still play against the bot and practice trying not to lose your clothes.

There is a full game setup in our Games Hall on Passionfruit Island for you to try.

Our Winter Strip Chess is a FULL chess game - it plays chess and has several levels of difficulty.

You can find our Winter Strip Chess on The Market Place with full details here :Winter Strip Chess

Passionfruit Island

We have recently moved to Passionfuit Island and placed our attractions around a central park so visitors have lots space to explore and lots to entertain them.


Visit our Casino and games room on Passionfruit Island and try out our games for free:-

Passionfruit Island(217,87,31) teleport

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