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Limit Poker Game HUD

Here is a real Texas Limit Holdem Poker HUD game with 9 computer opponents. Now you can play Holdem Poker almost anywhere.

It is great for beginners, fun and easy to learn.

Use this fully automated graphical game with high quality cards and great sound effects to play realistic Texas Holdem poker against the bots. The HUD table keeps score, evaluates hands, and controls each of the 9 bot personalities.

New Features include:-
- Card and button textures now load almost instantly.
- Better play in heavily lagged sims.
- Global Memory usage reduced on Table & HUDs - less script lag
- Showdown calculator shows detailed winning hand.

Previous New Features include:
- Medium resolution cards option for high lag sims.
- Improved mono scripts for higher speed and less lag.
- Retains game state after attach/detach, teleport, sim crossings.
- Improved reset and menu options.

Features include:
- Play 9 intriguing computer opponents.
- Difficulty from easy, medium to hard.
- High quality poker table and cards.
- Simple to setup and use via menu.
- Great for improving your holdem poker
- HUD means play poker almost anywhere.
- Fully self-contained game without using web server.
- Uses 39 prims.
- Very low lag - 0.1mS.
- Free updates.

Legal Status
- Legal in SL as follows Linden Labs TOS.
- Does not accept or give L$
- Does not give prizes in any form.
- Completely self-contained game.

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