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NoLimit Holdem Poker Tables

Our No-Limit Holdem Poker tables come in both the traditional oval shape and the more compact round shape.

Both tables are functionally the same except the round table uses only 30 prims and can fit into smaller rooms such as a home. The oval table uses 35 prims and is more suited to Casinos and Games Rooms where guests are more likely to prefer this traditional table style.

To play poker each person must take a HUD from the table so they can see their private cards and interact with the game.

Our No-Limit poker tables know the full rules of Limit Holdem poker and have adjustable starting chips, betting, buyins. They can also handle All-Ins from multiple players.

These table feature up to 10 named computer opponents who each have their own playing style. There are 3 difficulty modes ranging from easy, medium to hard.

The owner has a detailed set of menus with many options and can choose to allow group members or designated staff to control some table functions. There is also a Protection Mode to prevent griefers spoiling the fun.

Oval No-Limit Poker Table
Round No-Limit Poker Table
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