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Strip Poker Tables

Welcome to our PG Strip Poker and we hope you have lots of fun playing it with your friends.However, you can still play against the bots and practice trying not to lose your clothes.

Our Strip Poker is a FULL poker game - it plays No-Limit Holdem and is a fully accurate poker game with betting, raises and All-Ins.

If you lose all your chips then all your clothes are removed.If you lose one game and still have some chips then only one peice of clothing will be removed.

Our Strip poker table works much better if you are using an RLV enabled viewer.An RLV enabled viewer can automatically remove your clothes so making the game much more fun.

V&L Strip Poker table is great for beginners, fun and easy to learn but with many options for the more advanced player.

Includes 5 types of high quality chair from 1 prim barstools to 7 prim poker chairs.Even includes a highly stylish 2 prim Executive chair.

Strip Poker PG Table
Strip Poker Adult Table
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