V&L Games in Second Life on Passionfruit Island

Welcome to Vick's & Liam's Games

We have some of the best poker and chess games in Second Life. Our game-making started in early 2008 and since then we have created a popular range of high quality poker and chess games.

All our games have computer opponents so if you don't have anyone to play with you can still practice and have fun.

Visit our temporary games room and try out our games for free:-

Sababurg(240,102,94) teleport



Below are details of our old Casino - coming again soon.

V&L games can be played for free in our Casino on Passionfruit Island. They can also be bought there or on SL MarketPlace - just follow the links next to each game's description.

Visit our Casino and games room on Passionfruit Island and try out our games for free:-

Passionfruit Island(217,87,31)teleport

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